Weekly Note

Happy Friday, Families!

This week has been filled with kick-off new projects and inviting visitors into our room!

In terms of our core subjects, we began studying Archimedes this week. Students read the first two chapters in “Archimedes and the Door to Science” as they practiced pulling out important facts and identifying what makes these facts important. Next week, we’ll look at the Archimedean screw and work on creating our own miniature version. In order to do this, please send your child to school with t*hree unsharpened pencils and a 16 oz water bottle with a cap but without a label for Monday. *

We introduced The Odyssey this week as we looked at the origins of the Trojan War and examined maps in order to understand where Troy, Ithaca, Mycenae, and Sparta are located. Next week, we’ll begin reading!

This week Junior Unit launched our identity curriculum with a thought-provoking discussion and reflection about the complexity of identity. After discussing what identity is, students filled out notecards reflecting on their race, gender, family structure, and socioeconomic status/wealth. All JU students inserted these notecards into identity boxes - closed boxes that stand as metaphors for the way society boxes in our identities. On Thursday we began to "unpack" the gender box. Splitting into same-gender groups, we studied male and female reproductive anatomy, shared our reactions to the gender identity notecards (read anonymously), and reflected upon the way that societal expectations shape the way we experience gender.

Matt M. came in this week to begin a five part discussion, focusing this week on what is digital identity and digital privacy. Emily W. came in as well to begin a mini-study of emotions. Brian Rose, an archeologist from Penn spoke to our students about his work digging in Turkey, and specifically some of the artifacts he found connected to King Midas. We also got to attend both Shakespeare plays this week! Be sure to ask your child about these special activities!

Here is a doodle poll from Kait, some of the JUA students' art teacher. Please click on this link if you are interested in meeting with her during conferences: http://doodle.com/poll/7vua2c5ub3ihmzrf

If Rick is your student's art teacher, you are welcome to sign up for a conference with him here: http://doodle.com/poll/kqwpvbwingb5wzcz

See below for a message from the Strategic Planning Steering Committee.

Have a great weekend!

-Hilary and Dan