JU-B Weekly Note

Dear JU-B Families,

This week marked a shift in our spring. At this point, we finished our study of Ancient Greek with Ashely and plunged into our own work on Everyday Life in Ancient Greece. Students began reading a nonfiction text of that very name, focusing this week on the geography of Greece, the idea of city-states, and what it meant to be a slave versus a citizen. After doing this reading, students developed questions that they wanted to explore further. Now, with these questions as their focus, students are doing additional research as they prepare to write their very first blog post for our soon-to-be-created class blog all about Ancient Greece. This weekend, students need to finish their research so that they come in on Monday ready to write! Keep an eye out next week for a link to our blog as we’ll be asking parents to leave a few comments!

In science this week students put their knowledge of mass, volume, density, buoyancy, and water displacement to the test! Students constructed small boats out of tin foil, sticks, and duct tape with the goal of holding the highest number of pennies as possible. Students tested their boats in a large tub filled with pond water. Based on the results, they captured some notes to help them in a later project - building a boat large enough to hold a JU student! More details on this project will be announced later on!

In other news, we spent time this week following Sal along her journey to Lewiston, Idaho. We looked at some key elections in history and discussed the current climate leading into the PA primary. We held our first meeting of affinity groups as part of our identity curriculum. It’s been a jam-packed week!

Enjoy the long weekend and we’ll see you on Monday!

Hilary and Dan