JU-B Weekly Note

Dear Families,

Happy Friday! Students are heading off for the weekend prepped and ready for their student-led conference. This week, they worked to develop a self-evaluation based on this term and then used workshop times to complete it. Students also carefully reviewed their work in order to choose examples to share with you. This led to a fascinating conversation about the differences between “best” work, “average” work, and “needs lots of improvement” work and how these different examples change the tone of a conference.

Outside the realm of student-led conferences, this week we’ve been working to craft retellings of The Odyssey. After practicing with a 20-, 30-, or 40-second solo retelling of a chapter, students have now been assigned a partner and one chapter which they will turn into a 4- to 5-minute oral retelling - without notes! Next Wednesday, students will perform these retelling in succession as we create an approximately hour-long share and celebration of The Odyssey - in the style it would have been shared in ancient Greece! Ask your child about how he/she settled on the main ideas of his/her chapter and what she/he has done to expand it to fit the time requirements. No doubt, you’ll hear rehearsing this weekend!

We visited two exhibits at the Penn Museum on Thursday: The Golden Age of King Midas, and The Ancient Greek World. Students enjoyed making connections between the Midas exhibit and what they heard in Dr. C. Brian Rose's presentation last week about his archaeological digs. The exhibit features more than 150 artifacts from the Phrygian Kingdom. In the exhibit on The Ancient Greek World, students enjoyed identifying differences between the daily experiences of men and women. They were also happy to identify gods, goddess, and their symbols in Greek pottery.

A quick ask: We have an exciting Archimedes event about buoyancy coming up in the spring -- if you have access to a pool during the school day, we’d love to hear from you about possibilities of scheduling some time.

We’re looking forward to seeing you for conferences next week!

In partnership,

Hilary and Dan