JU-B Weekly Note

Hello, JU-B Families!

Lying, cheating, greed, guns, envy. These are some of the many things students in JU-B decided lived in Pandora’s box! In JU-B this week we continued our study of Greek myths as students went in depth about Prometheus, Pandora, and Deucalion. As we read, we’ve been practicing activating our background knowledge as we use our schema to help us make sense of new texts in meaningful ways. After reading one or two simple versions of Prometheus, students used what they learned to help them tackle more challenging versions. As we read Pandora, students worked to develop questions that would help other students call on their background knowledge of the story’s major themes.

This week we began our first rotation of our Jerry Spinelli book groups. Half of the class is working with Dan to read Loser, while the other half of the class is working to read Maniac Magee with Hilary. With each group under way, it’s been great to work with students in this smaller group setting as we go in depth about these two different texts. Ask your child which group he or she is in and what he or she has been working on with the book.

Remember that next week we’ll continue to go to Awbury Arboretum on Monday and Thursday. Please help your child to pack and dress appropriately for this. With books groups happening, you’ll notice an increase in homework. We ask for your help checking your child’s planner to make sure they are completing assignments (and packing these completed assignments!) Besides the addition of book group homework, 4th graders are also entering their third week of math fact practice. They should be studying their multiplication facts for 5-15 minutes five nights a week. They have a menu of study options and a calendar to record how and when they study. We appreciate your partnership around this!

We will be making brownies for the Thanksgiving Feast during the week on November 23rd, If you can spare a mixing bowl and spatula for the mixing, it would be greatly appreciated. Please clearly label your items so that we can get them back to you.

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you all next week!


Hilary and Dan