JU-B Weekly Note

Happy Friday!

We wish we could have somehow captured the bus ride from Awbury on Thursday and sent that as a Friday note. Students spent the full day day with their Wissahickon partners digging invasives from the pond, pulling invasive rom the field, identifying and tagging natives, and coming up with ways of education the public about the difference. At lunch and recess, TPS reconvened for a massive game of man hunt, pyramid building, and more. On the bus ride back, exhaustion set in and students were eerily quiet!

The rest of our week included our final affinity group time as part of our identity curriculum. We also had psychologist Emily Weiss back again as she continued our emotional intelligence lessons. We learned about the history of the Olympics - in ancient Greece and more modern times. Students are starting to build real energy towards our upcoming JU Olympics!

The big news of the week, however, came with the blog! It is officially up and running! Students posted their first entries and then spent considerable time reading others’ work and responding. This activity created a wonderful intersection for our digital citizenship study with Matt M. back before spring break. Since posting and responding, students read part two of “Everyday Life in Ancient Greece,” developed new questions, and now are deep in research. We’re asking that, once again, they complete this research over the weekend so they can come in on Monday ready to write blog entry number two!

We (JU-B students and teachers!) would love some extra voices on our blog. Please check it out and leave some comments!


Next week, we’ll be kicking off our final reading-focused project of the year. Students should come to school on Monday with their SSR book finished. We’ll be providing SSR books through the rest of the year – and we plan to set students up with a full reading list to take them into the summer!

Two reminders:

  • ERBs will take place from Monday, May 23 to Wednesday, May25. Please do not schedule doctor’s appointments or other extra-curricular activities during this time that will take them out of school. It’s very tricky to arrange times for make-up sessions.
  • Our Olympics Opening Ceremony will take place on Wednesday, June 1. It is scheduled to begin at 1035 am. We hope to see you there.

Have a great weekend,

Hilary and Dan