JU-B Weekly Note

Happy Friday, JU-B families!

What a week it’s been! JU-B continues to be lucky with a series of special events happening in and around our classroom. Matt M. came in again on Monday as we continued on our study of our digital identity. Students looked at the pros and cons of a variety of social media sites and created a google slide show to teach others about this. On Tuesday we met in gender groups made up of JU A,B,C, and D in order to look at the posters we created last week. Students had incredibly powerful reactions and handled these with sensitivity towards others. we were very proud of our students, especially in the following conversations we had. On Thursday we attended a special one-man performance of three Greek myths, and on Friday, Emily Weiss came to continue our work with emotions and how these affect our actions.

In our more regular classroom routine, students spent time on Monday setting goals for themselves for the next few weeks before student-led conferences. Students created an action step for themselves and then checked-in on Friday to see how they’d done with their work towards their goal. Students are working hard to think reflectively about their growing edges and work to improve in a variety of ways.

This week we traveled with Odysseus as we met the Lotus Eaters, Cyclopes, and Circe. As we’re reading, students are learning about traditions of oral storytelling and practicing retelling. Students are also working on building their vocabulary as we practice a variety of strategies for figuring out an unknown word’s meaning. Ask your child about some of the strategies he/she has been using.

In science this week, we attempted (fairly unsuccessfully!) to build an Archimedean screw! Though it didn’t work exactly as we hoped, students were patient and flexible and hopefully still got the idea of what this machine is, a little bit about how it works, and why it’s important! Next week we’ll be moving into levers and there will be no need to send in anything special with your child.

If you haven’t already, please sign-up for student-led conferences!


Hilary and Dan