JU-B Weekly Notes

Dear JU-B Families,

What a week! Students came back on Wednesday buzzing about their snow adventures, but also ready to work.

We made some great progress with our two-part writing project. On the grammar side, students have been learning about sentence construction. This week we focused on what makes a complete sentence and specifically what makes simple sentences and compound sentences. Students participated in a few different writing games where they wrote stories only using a specific kind of sentence. These were challenging, a little boring stylistically, but also hilarious! Students also took time to share and peer edit their pieces at the half-way point and now are working on drafting their climax section. Next week, we’ll draft the rest of the story while also working on deliberately varying our sentence types.

Perhaps the biggest news of the week came with students learning their focus for the individual research project. Be sure to ask your child who or what he/she is studying! After learning their topic, students spent time researching. After setting up a note-gathering document, we brainstormed nonfiction text elements that help us determine helpful sources. The students then used the title, table of contents, index, back cover, and inside flaps to help them find resources and began gathering more information. Next week we’ll move into internet research and then write our project proposals!

On the teacher side of things, we have been busy writing reports and are excited to share these with you. As you know, we’re using a new format that year as we work with checklists and shortened summaries. As with any changes, there are growing edges. We’re eager for your feedback and are open to any conversations after you’ve had a chance to look through the reports. They should be available online early next week; you will receive an email as soon as they are posted.

We hope to see you at our open house on Thursday, February 18, 11am to 12 pm.

In partnership,

Hilary and Dan