JU-C Weekly Note

Dear Parents,

What a busy week we have had! It was our first full week of school, so the students experienced a regular schedule of specials, Spanish, chorus, and Mandarin, in addition to our regular activities.

At Encuentro this morning, we practiced the Encuentro song, learned about Morse code briefly, heard about an after school club, and learned about how to sign up for Community Service. New for families of 4th graders: Your child will do two terms of community service (out of three possible terms). New for all families: Signup this year is online and can be accessed through the TPS Progressive Edge email newsletter or directly via the TPS blog. The signup also indicates that if your family regularly volunteers at an organization, it counts for community service. You must sign your child up by MONDAY.

Yesterday was a beautiful day at the Schuylkill Center! Because it was our first day, we talked about why we go there and what the Center’s mission is. We played a few games with JU-A (with whom we’ll be working this year) and then took a hike to Wind Dance Pond. There we talked about the legend of Chang-E and the Mid-Autumn Festival (which was yesterday). Ask your child what the best part of the day was.

We started talking this week about the big ideas of geography and culture. We started by looking at the “dot map” of race based on the US Census from 2010. Students generated questions while they explored the map on their Chromebooks. The next day, we started talking about culture – what it includes – and the visual metaphor of an iceberg (where there is more below the surface that is unseen than above the surface). Be sure to ask your child about that.

The link to the dot map is here: http://demographics.coopercenter.org/DotMap/

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Laura and David