JU-C Weekly Note

Dear Families,

It was a good week to be outside!  On Thursday, we had a lovely day at The Schuylkill Center doing orienteering and learning about the energy cycle (with a focus this week on numbers of producers versus consumers).  Although it rained heavily for a few minutes before we left, our time there was mostly dry and pleasant.

Today we had our rescheduled trip to Chinatown.  The students were excited to be looking around Chinatown, taking photos and eagerly talking with people they met.  Next week we’ll look at the photos and their notes and talk about questions and topics they still want to know more about.  Ask your child what stood out about today’s trip.

Today was also our first spelling test.  Next week there will be new words, with a pretest on Monday, spelling homework due Wednesday, and a test Friday.  (If your child works with Jill for Word Study, the plan looks different, but there is still focused Word Study work, as well as homework.)

Yesterday we had a visiting author, Sean Fay Wolfe, talk with students about how he became a writer (in high school!).  Our students enjoyed hearing about his Elementia Chronicles books and how he came up with his ideas. 

In math, fourth graders are finishing up a unit on place value, addition and subtraction of large numbers, and measurement.  Fifth graders are continuing their work with decimals (and place value).

It feels like fall, and it’s supposed to be a beautiful weekend -- enjoy!


Laura and David
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