JU-C Weekly Note

Dear Families,

Today your child is bringing home what we call a Friday Folder.  Students have looked through “graded” work and selected a few things that they want to be shared at conferences; the rest may go home (and stay home).  The folder returns to school on Monday.  You may notice some work that has the letters “TA” on it -- this means the work required some additional attention ("try again"), and at a workshop the student re-did it. Writing stays in the child’s writer’s notebook here at school. If you have any questions about the work that has been done, please contact us.  

Yesterday was the last day of the first “rotation” at The Schuylkill Center.  Next week we switch groups, so that the students who have been learning about orienteering will learn about the energy cycle and vice-versa.  Ask your child about the highlights from the first rotation.

We had a conversation this week about reading -- how reading, like any other skill, takes practice.  We expect every student to read 30-40 minutes per day at home on any day when there’s no SSR time at school.  (We have SSR on Wednesdays and Thursdays every week.)  We know there are days when the schedule does not allow for this, but we have encouraged the students to try their best to read every day because the skill of reading requires consistent practice.

Some pictures are posted of the fourth-grade math class measuring their arm spans.  They measured to the nearest half inch, then arranged their data in a line plot and found the range, median, and mode of the data.  Data analysis is one topic we’ll revisit throughout the year.  Fourth graders also had an assessment today on the first unit of study, which has focused on multi-digit addition and subtraction, an understanding of place value, and units of measurement.  Next week we start a new unit on multiplication, including multi-digit multiplication. The fifth-grade math class has been working on rounding and with exponents and expanded notation, and they will have an assessment on this material early next week.

The weather has felt like summer this week, but a change is in store this weekend that should remind us it’s fall.  Hope you enjoy it!


Laura and David