JU-C Weekly Note

Dear Families,

It is hard to believe that November is more than half-way over!

JU-C began working in "Book Groups" with JU-A this week. After hearing passages from four different books, the children completed a form that asked them to consider each book (with guided questions) and decide whether or not the book was a good fit.  Julia, David, Tim, and Laura are excited about teaching the four mixed JU-A/JU-C classes.  Ask your children about their book groups!

We've finally narrowed down our China research topics!  This process has taken a while, since the children are still becoming familiar with the kinds of things one might choose learn about ancient (and modern-day, in some cases) China.  

Today we posted the list of topics, along with the children who are responsible for each topic, on the board.  The students began their "discovery" process by looking through several books and informing classmates whenever they found information that might be helpful.  This "broad search" technique allows the entire class to take in large amounts of information in short amounts of time.  As we move forward, we will use the Internet as well; however, we want to make sure that each child is also a resource for his/her peers.  The discussions they have spark interest and enthusiasm, and each child has a textual anchor to build on.

Yesterday, we enjoyed the beautiful fall weather by spending most of our time outside at the Schuylkill Center and finishing up our work with the energy cycle and with orienteering. We won't be returning to The Center again until spring.  In the meantime, our science curriculum will continue, as we begin studying the life cycle of fast plants and silkworms.  In addition, we'll continue our partnership and collaboration with the HMS School for Children with Cerebral Palsy, as well as our Identity work by focusing on human anatomy, and sex education.

The new Junior Unit library is a hit!  It's fun to watch as the children become excited about choosing their next book from the shelves.  Special thanks to Laura for putting in so much time to set up the library and for helping so many children find their perfect fit!

Please remind your children to return their borrowed books before Thanksgiving break, as we'll be doing inventory and cataloguing all of the books throughout the holiday.

We'll be making nut-free brownies for the Feast on Monday, so if your children haven't already brought in a spatula and mixing bowl, please have them bring these materials on the morning of the 21st.  Please also write your child's name on the bowl, or on a piece of tape (attached to the bowl) in permanent marker.  The bowl and spatula will be rinsed off and then returned to your child by the end of Tuesday. No lunch is needed on Tuesday as we will be feasting.

Enjoy the weekend,  

David and Laura