JU-C Weekly Note

Dear Families,

It’s December already!  As JU-C hums along, it’s hard to believe that only three months ago half of the students in our class were completely new to Junior Unit.  Our group gets along well and enjoys spending time with each other.

This week we continued book groups, which will end at winter break.  All of the JU-A and JU-C students seem to be enjoying both the book and the experience of reading it with a new teacher in a mixed A/C group.

We continued our research on a topic of choice about China.  Students continued to use books and began to use the internet to find answers to questions they were having difficulty finding in a book, as well as finding more questions as they get deeper into their subject.  Before winter break, we’ll let students know what possible ways they have to present their research to the class after break, so they can begin to think about how best to tap into their own interests and talents.

David also worked with the group on songwriting -- we are composing a song about JU-C!  This class has a remarkable facility with rhythm, and they came together quickly in creating a beat and some additional percussion for the song.  Next time we’ll divide into groups to work on various aspects of the song, but the song is coming together quickly (and the students hope to perform it at Encuentro sometime).

This morning we were enthralled by a presentation by C. Alexander London, a prolific author as well as husband of Tim Jones of JU-A.  Alexander was an entertaining and thought-provoking speaker who had all of us completely engaged in his story of how he became a writer.  Ask your child about it!  (We ran out of time for answering the many questions students had; students can visit his website at http://www.calexanderlondon.com/ and ask him a question there -- he does answer every query!)

Finally, a few words from the teachers who organize TPS service: In the interest of providing each of our students with the most meaningful service experience possible, we are making some mid-year changes to the TPS Service requirements. If your child completed a Fall service job, he/she does not need to complete another term of service. Students who did not complete a Fall job must sign up for only one of the remaining terms. Students who completed a Fall job and want to sign up for another term may do so, but students who have not yet completed their service requirement will be given priority. We also encourage families who already participate in service outside of school -- for neighborhood parks, with faith organizations, etc. -- to use that service toward completion of the TPS service requirement. Winter service starts on January 9.    

Next week’s coming attractions include a JU viewing of the film Screenagers during the day on Tuesday, a chorus rehearsal on Tuesday afternoon to prepare for the next week’s holiday concert, and the Hour of Code on Thursday with Matt.  Laura will be attending the People of Color Conference in Atlanta from Wednesday evening until Saturday afternoon.  (And a note about the following week:  JU-C and A will be visiting the Philadelphia Museum of Art on Thursday, December 15, to look at Chinese art and artifacts.)

Enjoy the weekend!


Laura and David