JU-C Weekly Note

Dear Families,

It was another beautiful day yesterday at The Schuylkill Center, where we began our fall topics of orienteering and the energy cycle.  The orienteering group made compasses; the energy cycle group started by observing nature in a quiet space and then trying to analyze why leaves are usually green but colorful in the fall.  Ask your child what activities she/he did.

This week at school the focus was on Student Council.  Today at Encuentro, students heard from middle schoolers running for the executive council (offices such as co-president, secretary, etc.).  We expect results by the end of the day.  Meanwhile, students in JU-C decided if they were interested in running to be the JU-C Student Council class representative.  We have six students who have decided to run; they will give speeches on Monday about why their classmates should vote for them.  

We continued reading Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, this time having students answer some questions in writing about the book. You may have noticed there was more homework this week than last week.  We are gradually increasing homework, so please let us know if there are concerns or issues you have as the workload increases.  

In writing workshop, students started working on a piece they will “publish” (meaning it’s a piece they will be editing and revising multiple times before the final version).  This piece is about a significant place.  We hope your child has mentioned it to you already -- students are excited about the places they’re writing about!

Finally, Back-to-School Night is on Wednesday, September 28, 6:30-8:30 p.m.  We look forward to putting together faces with names and meeting all of you!  If there are specific questions you already know you want discussed, or if there are individual concerns you have that would not be appropriate to bring up in a large group setting, please e-mail us.  We will enthusiastically share an overview of the year, and you should leave with a better sense of both Junior Unit as a whole and JU-C specifically.

As it’s officially fall, enjoy what promises to be a fall-like (at least in temperature) weekend.


Laura and David
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