JU-C Weekly Note

Dear Families,

It was another short but busy week!

In addition to our usual activities, we began a few new activities this week.  The biggest one is our collaboration with HMS School for Cerebral Palsy, which began today.  Many of the fourth-graders, and some of the fifth-graders, had been nervous about partnering with students there.  However, the overall feeling of our reflection this afternoon was that it was a great day that put many students at ease about the project.  Today was just a getting-to-know-you day, with a dance game and then time in classrooms with students and teachers.  Ask your child how it went today.  Next Thursday we’ll begin working on the musical with Andrea Green, who writes and directs them.

We also began reading a nonfiction book called Life in Ancient China, which we use to teach note-taking strategies.  We use a variety of methods to take notes, each one matched well with a part of the book.  This will help students in their future note-taking.

In community meeting, we (boys and girls, in separate classrooms) studied the female reproductive system.  In addition to answering questions in the meetings, all classes have set up a way for ongoing questions and answers.  (Next week we move on to the male reproductive system.)  A question you might ask your child: You learned a lot this week about female biology -- was there anything new to you?  Was there anything you still want to know more about?

On Friday, January 27, our class will participate in a Poetry Day event presented by the 6th grade. The sixth graders will recite poems they have written. As a part of this special event they will serve hot chocolate, which will be offered to our class. The hot chocolate is peanut/tree nut free and is the approved brand by the school nurse. 

Finally, please join us for the Junior Unit 4th & 5th Grade Potluck (adults only) on Wednesday, January 18, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. in the Garage.

Enjoy the long weekend!


Laura and David

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