JU-C Weekly Note

Dear Families,

What a beautiful week!  We have enjoyed being outside every day, especially yesterday at The Schuylkill Center! It’s wonderful to be out in spring!

Our environmental science focus this spring is on the ways humans affect the environment.  Students did an online survey to determine their ecological footprint.  While there were challenges in taking the quiz (there’s no option for “rowhome,” for instance, so we went with duplex), students found that they generally underestimated how many earths it would take if everyone on the planet had their lifestyle.  We also talked about actions that they themselves can take to reduce their footprint -- turning off lights when not in use, for instance.


At The Schuylkill Center we went on a hike to see some examples of restoration and then had lunch and recess.  The students commented on how excited they were to see what was different there and to explore familiar places.

We have shuffled some of our Word Study groups based on where students are currently in their learning.  Ask your child what group they’re in now and one interesting thing they learned this week.

At community meeting this week, we talked about what made a good friendship versus a negative one (and how the same person might behave differently with different people).  We then had students brainstorm ideas for a JU magazine about tweens to encourage ally-ship and support for kids this age.  Students are going to select the magazine feature they’re most interested in doing, and for two weeks we’ll work on creating a magazine.

Matt Murray worked with our students on their last digital passport lesson for the year.  We hope that some of the ideas about privacy and online citizenship stick with our students as they navigate an increasingly digital age.  

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Laura and David

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