JU-C Weekly Note

Dear Families,

It finally feels like spring!  (And if you ask the students, they’d say it feels like summer already.) This week we started looking at our silkworms, which started hatching from their eggs on Friday.  We observed them, asked questions, watched a video, answered some of our questions, and continued observing.  They’re about 5 mm now (tops), but will grow to be about 7 cm long!  Ask your child what they look like and what they eat.

Yesterday we stayed a little later at school before heading to The Schuylkill Center.  We used a website (http://world.time.com/timelapse/) to first look at growth in Chester County, PA (a local area that has shown huge growth in the last ten years or so).  Then students explored the website on their own.  We discussed habitat loss that occurs due to development and how it affects animals such as bluebirds.  We then headed to The Schuylkill Center and went on a long hike, and while some students were tired and thirsty by the end of it, most of them enjoyed seeing birds and frogs/tadpoles along the way.

This morning we heard Brian Jordan’s group, City Love, perform at Encuentro.  They had the whole gym moving, singing, clapping, and rapping.  Ask your child what she/he enjoyed most!

Fifth graders focused again on particular concepts in math in preparation for a math retest this week.  Fourth graders began work on probability, doing some simple games (pulling tiles out of a bag, flipping a coin, rolling dice) to collect data to support their ideas.  Next week we’ll talk about how we assign numbers to probability, betting odds, and then looking at the Kentucky Derby (which is next Saturday).  What students discover is that the system is designed to make money for the house and not for individuals placing bets (the house always wins).  It’s a useful lesson for students to learn early!

We hope you have a marvelous weekend!


Laura and David