JU-C Weekly Note

Dear Families,

We had a lovely visit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art today.  We looked at Chinese tomb figures, a beautiful Persian rug, a French tapestry, and a painting by Degas.  We discussed the ways in which ideas and art traveled between cultures.  Our guide was impressed with their focus and interest.  Many students commented that they were interested in seeing other things at the museum that we won’t cover in Junior Unit (armor, for instance). We encourage you to bring your child there sometime (or to arrange a visit for your child and a friend).

This week we started reading The Monkey King.  Students are enjoying this beloved tale from China about a powerful and mischievous monkey.  Ask your child what she or he most enjoyed from the book this week.

At Community Meeting on Tuesday, we discussed crushes and relationships, starting with a story for each group to prompt discussion.  The boys’ group read a chapter from Benjamin Alire Saenz’s young adult book Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, and the girls’ group read the short story “Secret Samantha” by Tim Federle from Flying Lessons and Other Stories.  Both groups then looked at the spectrum of attraction (from heterosexual or straight to lesbian/gay, with bisexual filling the entire space in between).  Be sure to ask your child about the story that was read and what was interesting to them about the meeting.

We began our spring science topic on Thursday, and although we didn’t go to The Schuylkill Center, we did talk about the environment and the idea of a sustainable space.  Ask your child about the fish pond simulation or "The Story of Stuff" video.

Despite the chill today, we’re definitely feeling that it’s spring.  Enjoy the gorgeous weather this weekend!


Laura and David