JU-C Weekly Note

Dear Families,

Although the calendar reads May, it feels like July right now!  Our walk along the Schuylkill River yesterday for science (focus on water quality) was hotter than we would have anticipated when we planned it, but we survived and were happy to have lunch inside for a change.  Next Thursday we’re going to Valley Green to test water quality there.

This week we began meeting in our Silk Routes groups.  Students learned about their location and what the main “resource” there would be.  Ask your child about their city.  Students are also developing their character (the merchant they’ll play in the game).  The game will be played with rounds on Monday, June 5, through Wednesday, June 7, and then we’ll play again at The Schuylkill Center on June 8.

Our silkworms are huge and probably ready to spin cocoons soon!  JU-C can’t believe how big they’ve gotten in a relatively short time -- a few of them today are close to 4 inches long!  

Monday is the start of the ERBs, the standardized test we take in grades 4-7.  We have talked with all students about how to take the test and also what they can do in between test sections.  Students MAY have mints.  There were many specific questions about what counts as a mint, but we told them if their family said it was a mint, they could bring it, and if their family said it wasn’t, they couldn’t.  We also encourage healthy snacks versus quick sugar; they may have water and snacks in between, but not during, the test session.  There is a break between test sessions.  Good sleep is also recommended.  Students may read a book, draw, or solve puzzles in between tests if they finish early.  Please let us know if you have any questions about this.

To start the weekend on a good note, here’s a video we watched earlier this week.  Have a great weekend!



Laura and David