JU-C Weekly Note

Dear Families,

Our Thursday didn’t go quite as planned; with heavy rains and even storms in the forecast, we decided to stay at school rather than venture to Valley Green, where there would have been no shelter in case of a storm.  (It also would have been hard for students to take notes and make observations in heavy rain.)  We did have water from the Wissahickon Creek to test and compare to the water sample from the Schuylkill River last week.  This week wrapped up our look at various ways that humans affect the environment, and we ended with this video, which was a big hit with 4th and 5th graders: https://youtu.be/pN2WI5KqJDY

(Note: we stopped the video around 4:48 so that students could think about what they could do, rather than having Prince Ea tell them to do a particular thing.)

We also met in Silk Route city groups to create a symbol for the city and to make a visual representation of the city that will be used both at school and at The Schuylkill Center (where we play the game again after having done so at school).  Next week students will learn how the game is played, with game play occurring for about an hour each on June 5, 6, and 7 (and then for a longer time at The Schuylkill Center on June 8).

One of our silkworms has spun a cocoon, and another one is starting to spin one this morning.  Students are amazed at how beautiful the cocoons are.  Ask your child what has been most interesting so far about the silkworms.

This week your children took standardized tests (the ERBs), and after some initial nervousness, felt fine.  By the third (and final) day of testing, they were no longer apprehensive at all.  (They were still excited about having mints in class, which we had to stop once the testing was over…) You will receive the scores this summer.  

Only two weeks of school are left, which seems amazing!  The year has gone quickly; your children are soon to be 5th or 6th graders.  Enjoy a lovely and long weekend.


Laura and David