Junior Unit C Weekly Note

Dear Families,

This week we finished reading Monkey King, started making detailed observations about silkworms, and continued learning about cities along the Silk Routes in preparation for our simulation in June.  It has been busy!

Yesterday we learned about the many effects of deforestation - ask your child about those.  We then headed to The Schuylkill Center where we spent some time in the Pine Plantation imagining a world without trees (and a world in which we no longer needed to harvest any trees).  The students loved having lunch and recess in the Pine Plantation again.

Fourth graders learned this week about betting odds and the Kentucky Derby.  They have placed their imaginary bets and are eager to find out what happens tomorrow evening (post time at 6:34 p.m.)  Laura will calculate the winners and there will be a small prize (usually pencils or erasers).  What always happens, however, is that the house wins the most money, an important lesson to learn.

Finally, the ERB (a standardized test from the Educational Records Bureau) is being given to 4th and 5th graders from Monday, May 22, to Wednesday, May 24.  We ask that you not schedule appointments during those days.  More information about the testing days will be forthcoming, but we wanted to give you a heads-up not to plan other events then.

Hope your weekend is enjoyable (even if wet)!


Laura and David