JU-C Weekly Note

Dear Families,

We spent a lot of time this week preparing for the Silk Routes simulation, which starts on Monday morning.  We will play the first game on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning, and then play a second game at The Schuylkill Center on Thursday.  The students are excited about their roles and their cities.  Ask your child about what they’re looking forward to about it!

This morning we had sharing between Family Circles about our all-school “Survival” theme.  Then we all headed to the park to have outside activities that we refer to as Rainbow Day; students particularly enjoyed games with water.  Then the 4th through 8th grades had Field Day activities in Red and White teams (the TPS colors), which included White vs. Red 8th grade and faculty doing a tug-of-war and dizzy bat.  We ate lunch and had recess at the park with music, with the Primary Unit returning to show off their dance skills (and after eating, many JU students joined them).  It was a beautiful and entertaining day outside.

Yesterday we had a Chinese feast, which was delicious!

All of our silkworms except for one have made cocoons.  We’re hoping the first one who spun a cocoon will hatch by Friday!

Monday is Move-Up Day, during which time students visit their next unit (3rd to 4th, 5th to 6th).  Fourth-graders help visiting third graders feel at home.  They eat lunch together and then return to their regular unit for recess.  

Remember that next Friday is graduation (and the end of the school year).  Dismissal is at 11:30 a.m., and there is bus service. It is always amazing how quickly time flies!  We have loved spending our days with your children this year, and it has been a pleasure working with you.  We hope you have an amazing summer no matter what the plans are.  


Laura and David