JU-C Weekly Note

Dear Families,

We were happy to see many of you at Back-to-School Night on Wednesday. We always enjoy a chance to fill you in on what goes on in JU-C.

The weather has been gloomy, but we have persevered! With the possibility of rain for the Chinatown trip, which makes it difficult to write notes and take photos, we opted to postpone the trip for a few weeks. We hope that next time there is better weather.

Yesterday we looked at the varying forecasts and chose to go to The Schuylkill Center. Half of our class talked about photosynthesis and the roles of producers, consumers, and decomposers (and played a tag game using these), while the other half worked with compasses. The rain made writing on paper difficult, and we chose to leave early after a quick lunch. Ask your child about what he/she did on the blustery day.  

Students used a checklist to self-edit their "significant place" writing. Next week they’ll use a checklist to peer edit, and then students will work with teachers to get to a final version of the piece. They worked hard at the self-editing, and we were impressed with their focus.

Today was the first meeting in Family Circles, where groups of K-8 students and teachers meet together for getting-to-know-you activities and games. Ask your child what they enjoyed about their Family Group and their larger Family Circle.

Next week we...

  • will begin our spelling program.
  • have Shelly Ridge Day (grades K-8) on Thursday. 
  • begin support groups with Learning Resources. 
  • have a day off on Friday for teacher professional development.

That’s a lot for one week!

Finally, if you have not yet signed up for parent conferences using the Doodle poll, please do so. The links were emailed yesterday from the school. If you have any questions about conferences or can’t make any of the available times, please let us know.

Stay dry this weekend!


Laura and David

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