JU-C Weekly Note

Dear Parents,

We have truly enjoyed getting to know this new class of students! While it’s true that we already knew half of them, children change over the summer and can seem different in a different combination of students. Each year feels new!

We introduced students to many new routines -- attendance, morning meeting, lining up and counting off, and “take a break.” We also played some getting to know you games and energizers. We began reading our first book about China, Grace Lin’s Where the Mountain Meets the Moon and started thinking about our hopes, dreams, and goals for the year.

David’s 5th grade math class began with some multiplication review and started focusing on number systems. Laura’s 4th grade math class read a few books that involved patterns, looked at the first month’s calendar pattern, and did a puzzle called 4 4’s. There are pictures of the students working on that activity.

Next week we’ll begin word study, continue our book, start using Chromebooks for some writing assignments, and start having chorus and workshop times in addition to all of the activities we had this week.

Have a wonderful weekend! We will be going to the Schuylkill Center next Thursday.


Laura and David