JU-C Weekly Note

Dear JU-C Families,

It's hard to believe that the week is already over, what with two snow days, plenty of shoveling, and several consecutive short weeks for the children. Question: Do you think that's it for weather-related days off from school?

We began the week by revisiting some rules for proper sentence structure. After the review, we added a few more sentence-writing skills to our repertoire. The children enjoyed the activity and did a nice job connecting prior knowledge to some of the new information they received! Our work with sentences prepared us for the two rounds of editing we completed this week. First, the children underwent a thorough self-edit of their latest Hero Paragraphs. Later in the week, they reviewed the work of their classmates, completing a guided revision.

We had another successful visit to the HMS School for Children with Cerebral Palsy on Thursday. The instructors at HMS continue to let us know how pleased they are with the progress of the program. Your children are forming solid bonds with their HMS counterparts, and it is impressive to watch them become increasingly invested in the show (and in their new friends/partners).

It is always a treat for us to be able to watch our skilled student body perform at TPS, so the mixed-grades recital this morning was delightful. And we'd like to offer a special shout out to Elli, who represented JU-C by playing the piano and singing a beautiful song accompanied by her father on guitar! Did you know that JU-C is writing a song? Ask your children about the theme and genre of this musical creation. It might also be fun to see if they can recall our songwriting process (Hint: It all started with 5 notes..)!

Don't forget about the "TPSA Adults-Only 3rd grade - Junior Unit Potluck." This dinner is taking place next Wednesday in the Garage.

Have a wonderful weekend!

David and Laura