JU-C Weekly Note

Dear Families,

We started our day today with a wonderful Encuentro — our own Giovana, Spanish teacher of our 4th graders, performed with her Latin Grooves Band to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. There was much clapping, as well as some dancing, by all of us at the end. What a joyous event!

We spent much of our week focused on mythology. Students recorded information about the first part of the D’Aulaire’s book into charts where they can keep track of the characters, stories, and purpose of the myth. We also broke into groups, and students started working on creative ways of presenting parts of the stories. We’ll continue working on the creative presentations, and we’ll continue reading more myths. Ask your child what project and myth she or he was working on.

During Agora Time, groups finished sharing their arguments to support their position about the Parthenon Frieze, and once again we asked students to consider if they felt we’d gotten closer to the truth. The students did an excellent job thinking about how to support their arguments and how to counter the arguments from the other point of view. In future weeks, we’ll consider other topics where one can understand multiple points of view.

On Thursday half of the group went to the Schuylkill Center, and half went to Awbury Arboretum, where they worked with students from Wissahickon Charter School. Be sure to find out where your child went and what was challenging and enjoyable about either experience.

As part of our exploration of heroes, we enjoyed a presentation from Catherine Carr, former executive director of Community Legal Services (and mother of 8th grade teacher Ethan Tannen), who spoke about her efforts to fight legal and social injustice against disadvantaged people. We will continue to have speakers visit us over the next few weeks at Community Meeting time.

This weekend, your child should be talking with you about a hero in your family. This is part of our year-long focus on heroes; this month’s writing topic is about a hero in your family. The students are excited to explore this!

A few practical matters:

  • On days when your child has PE, your child must have or be wearing sneakers.
  • On Thursdays in fall and spring, your child should wear clothes that can get dirty or messy without worry.
  • And please check in to see if your child has enough pencils at school.

Finally, next week we’re starting our guided choice book groups with JU-D. We did this last year, and it was so successful that we knew we wanted to do it again! Ask your child about what books he/she heard about today and what sounded interesting. The teachers make the groups (mixed C and D) based on their interest and our own thoughts about their reading needs.

Looks like a beautiful but chilly weekend ahead — better pull out warmer clothes!

Laura and David

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