JU-C Weekly Note

Dear Families,

We continued to work on planning our Olympic Games. Students met in city-state groups to plan events, create a flag and cheer, and create awards (which we call flair) for the events. In addition, today students worked to build a boat out of cardboard and duct tape. A student will need to sit in the boat next Thursday afternoon at Friends Select’s pool. The students worked hard to plan and build the boat today. Remember, our Olympics Opening Ceremony will take place on Wednesday, June 1, at 10:35 am. Parents are invited; we hope to see you there!

Students had a special rehearsal for the Opening Ceremony on Tuesday afternoon. It was the first time teachers had seen or heard their work, and the first time each group saw what the other groups had worked on in music class. We are impressed and are looking forward to the final product next week!

Students had ERB testing this week and weathered it well, though they were happy when the tests were over yesterday.

Eleanor Davis-Diver (6th grade) needs magnets for a science experiment that she is doing at home. Any kinds of magnet will do, from refrigerator magnets to neodymium. Please bring in any magnets that you're willing to contribute; donation boxes will be available in units next week.

We finished reading The Odyssey this week (spoiler: Odysseus makes it back home). Students seemed to truly enjoy both The Trojan War and The Odyssey.

Finally, as summer seems to be approaching quickly, there’s an exhibit opening in Washington D.C. in June that might appeal to many JU students. “The Greeks — Agamemnon to Alexander the Great” opens June 1 at the National Geographic Museum. The exhibit includes more than 550 Greek artifacts. This is its only East Coast stop. It runs through October 10. In conjunction with that, National Geographic is producing a three-hour series, “The Greeks,” which will air nationally on PBS, starting June 21, 2016 at 9 p.m. (check local listings). Our students are most enthusiastic about all things Greek!

Enjoy a fabulous long, summery weekend!

Laura and David