JU-C Weekly Note

Dear Families,

It was a busy week in Junior Unit! We went to Awbury Arboretum on Monday, when one group finished collecting data for the Mythbusters project. Monday was also the final day of our book groups — ask your child what she or he thought of the book. We also finished our mystery read-aloud, Three Times Lucky, which had students gasping with the intensity of the ending scenes of the book. (Several students are now reading the two sequels, also mysteries.)

On Wednesday, there was a 3rd-5th recital, where our students were amazing! We also read an article about why people vote, in preparation for an Agora Time conversation with JU-D about voting.

Thursday’s weather (which was forecast all week) meant a poor day for data collection, so our classes split. One class went to Wissahickon Charter School to meet with students in their school, while the other group stayed at TPS. The group that stayed read some myths, looked at some slides about the temples of Athena and Poseidon, and worked on logic grids.

On Friday, the final group collected data for the Mythbusters project in sunny, crisp weather, while the other class stayed at TPS for a science lesson and some mythology. We had math classes both days and our spelling test today.

Topics for conversation:

  • What kinds of data did you collect for your Mythbusters project?
  • What work have you been doing with invasive plants at Awbury?
  • Of the myths you have read so far in D’Aulaire’s, which is your favorite, and why?
  • Why did Laura read the story of Orpheus after our music recital on Wednesday?

Thank you for sending in bowls and spoons/spatulas for the brownie-making on Monday! If you haven’t, Monday is the last day (as we’ll be making brownies Monday morning). The feast is Tuesday, and then we’re all off for a long break. We are thankful to be teaching your children — have a wonderful time of thanks!

Laura and David