JU-C Weekly Note

Dear Families,

We began this week with an excellent "Halley's Comet" rehearsal! It's obvious that the children have been working on their lines, and we encourage everyone to keep it up!

This week we also started a book called "Maniac Magee", which is a fictional tale that highlights themes such as racism, and homelessness.

One of the questions we've been exploring lately during "Agora Time is: "How do individuals and groups of individuals within organizations effect meaningful, lasting change?" Recently, our focus has been on endeavoring to make change "within the system" as well as "outside of the system." To this end, we've been experimenting with persuasive writing and speaking, polling, lobbying, voting, civil disobedience and swaying the popular view.  Ask your children about the work they're doing to make changes at TPS!

A little later in the week we visited the 6th grade space in order to view and listen to various poems. The fact that our JUC students already knew most of the 6th grade authors made this exhibition a truly exciting experience. The children were really interested in the pieces - and the pieces were really good!

On Thursday, Mark Mills, a JU-C parent, visited our class and gave an awesome presentation on the Greco-Persian wars. The students were fully engaged in the lesson, and Mark's knowledge of the subject was impressive. Thanks, Mark!

Today at Encuentro we met Nathaniel Harlan (a former TPS student, who is Miriam Harlan's son). He and his percussion ensemble taught about and then demonstrated beautiful, complex Afro-Cuban G├╝iro and Bata rhythms. The performance was high-energy and interactive, and we were all proud of our accomplished alum as he beat beautiful rhythms with his group of talented musicians!

Your children have been working on their Mythology projects all week. If you're coming to JU-C's open house on Wednesday, February 10, you'll get a chance to see the various works your children have created.

Remember: JUC's open house is next Wednesday, February 10, at 11am!

Enjoy your weekend!

David and Laura