JU-C Weekly Note

Dear Families,

We started our day today with a grades 4-8 Encuentro. Our featured speakers were Cecilia from Spanish and Michael Fiebach, a TPS alum (’99) who runs a digital media company that represents musicians on social media. Frances and the students asked them questions about use of social media, and our guests did a great job discussing the pros and cons of social media. A representative from the National Wildlife Federation then presented a bronze award to TPS.

Yesterday we hosted students from Wissahickon Charter School-Awbury to brainstorm ways of solving problems with the pond at Awbury Arboretum. By the time the Wissahickon students left, we had preliminary plans about how best to defeat invasives, remove trash and pollution, and educate people about the pond and wetlands area. We will be working on these plans over the next few weeks at Awbury.

David continued working with students on the class song we’ve written together. Ask your child to sing part of it!

On Wednesday, we had the pleasure of attending a performance of the Jasper String Quartet. They played several pieces from different eras, and our students did a nice job of listening and responding appropriately.

In math, fifth graders are building 3D structures as part of the geometry unit. Fourth graders started learning about probability this week, and next week will learn about betting odds and the Kentucky Derby.

We’re almost finished reading about the Trojan War. We have been doing this for a read-aloud. Some of the passages this week were rather vivid in their description of battle, but at the same time there were interesting strategies put forth by both humans and gods. After we finish, we’ll read a version of The Odyssey.

Stay dry this weekend!

Laura and David