JU-C Weekly Note

Dear Families,

What a busy week!

We had a beautiful day at the Schuylkill Center yesterday! JU-C worked with JU-A on more experiments about buoyancy based on Archimedes. We worked at the Wetlands Pond in groups to consider more closely the connection between density and sinking/floating, the connection between how much water rises when an object is placed in it and the volume of the object, and how shape affects sinking and floating. Then all of the Junior Unit enjoyed lunch and recess together.

We continued reading about the Trojan War. The version we’re reading is as much about people’s personalities as it is about fighting. Why do certain characters behave the way they do? How do they interact with each other? Why do things go the way they go, according to the Greeks?

We continued our etymology lessons with Ashley Opalka. We had another meeting with Matt Murray about technology and being aware of your online presence. Our Agora Time focused on thinking about how to debate topics chosen by students from a list.

Last week, there was a conversation about what the term “at risk” means (which came up because of something in Maniac Magee), and students wanted to continue discussing what often happens to kids who are at risk in a major way. Today David showed a short clip from a longer documentary (which originally aired on the Fusion network) about what happens in many juvenile detention centers. Students were shocked and saddened by what can happen to someone in a juvenile detention center. While it was difficult to listen to how young people can be put into solitary confinement for months, and how they can be told to take psychotropic medications without a doctor’s frequent oversight, it certainly made a point about what can happen to some people in our society (and how our students are lucky to not be in those situations).

TPS City Country Camp registration is open. Regular registration ends on May 1st. Junior Unit teachers Nick Dekker, Hilary Hamilton, Jenson Cheng, and David Stills are offering camp programming this summer. TPS camps are enrichment programs, allowing children to delve deeply into topics of interest under caring supervision and with the guidance of passionate, talented leadership. Take a look at the TPS City Country Camps Website for a complete list of camp offerings: http://www.tpschool.org/camps.

Enjoy what looks to be spectacular weather this weekend!

Laura and David