JU-C Weekly Note

Dear Families,

We had two short weeks in a row, so our routines were both similar and different — for instance, we continued to have math every day, but our spelling was spread out over two weeks.

We had many projects underway this week. Students worked on retelling a myth about their chosen mythological character, having finished a biography of their character last week. Next week they’ll work on a picture, and then start the creative aspect of their mythology project. We also started a project we call Mythmakers, where students took the question they addressed in their Mythbusters project and answered it this time from a mythological point of view. There were very creative stories about dryads at Awbury Arboretum (for instance)!

Students are working on this month’s hero paragraph — a hero from south of the equator — at home. The first draft of this is due Monday, so we have enough time to self and peer edit and revise before handing in the final version on Friday.

During Agora Time, JU-C and JU-D students continued to focus on how to create change about a particular issue at TPS. Ask your child what she or he is planning on the issue they’re most interested in.

We continued our work with HMS on the musical. On Thursday, students found out what part they’ve been assigned, and we continued to work on both familiar songs and one new one. We reminded students that Andrea assigned parts to both HMS and TPS students, and that her rearranging of parts and people was mostly based on what would work best for HMS students. (And TPS students can be flexible!) Over the weekend, we want students to work on reading through the entire script and also starting to learn their lines. As a reminder, the performance of the musical for family and other friends is March 16 at 6 p.m.

Two weeks ago I wrote about how it was supposed to be 60 degrees over the weekend. Tomorrow we’re expecting a blizzard. Stay safe, and we look forward to hearing everyone’s blizzard stories when we get back.

Laura and David