JU-C Weekly Note

Dear Families,

Welcome back to TPS! Although it only occasionally felt like spring this week, we’re under way with new things.

Thank you for conferences — your children did an amazing job preparing and leading them.

This week we finished Maniac Magee, which was a terrific book, and are beginning a children’s version of the Trojan War (this one is by Bernard Evslin), after which we’ll read a version of The Odyssey. These books will be read-alouds, so that difficult vocabulary and concepts can be addressed as we go.

We had our first etymology lesson with 8th grade language arts teacher Ashley Opalka this week. Students learned about different words and their Greek origins. We had another meeting with tech teacher Matt Murray about technology and being aware of our online presence. Although we did not go to the Schuylkill Center this week (because of forecasted storms), we built upon our Archimedes readings to learn more about his thinking on buoyancy. Students experimented with different materials of different shapes in different liquids.

We started our April hero paragraphs (on a voting rights hero, any country, any time). The final draft will be due on April 29, but we’ll let students know about intermediate due dates.

Our week ended spectacularly today with a theme-related trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. In grades 1-8 in family circles, we did some mystery-related activities at school and had a wonderful mystery-related visit at the Museum. (In Laura’s group, the educator had groups write a plot and title for a mystery set in a fancy parlor room, for example.) Thanks to Emily Marston and the rest of the All-school Theme Committee, as well as to the educators at Philadelphia Museum of Art, for creating such an amazing adventure!

TPS City Country Camp registration is open. Regular registration ends on May 1. Junior Unit teachers Nick Dekker, Hilary Hamilton, Jenson Cheng, and David Stills are offering camp programming this summer. TPS camps are enrichment programs, allowing children to delve deeply into topics of interest under caring supervision and with the guidance of passionate, talented leadership. Take a look at the TPS City Country Camps Website for a complete list of camp offerings: http://www.tpschool.org/camps.

We hope you have an excellent weekend!

—Laura and David