JU-C Weekly Note

Dear Families,

We are off to a fabulous start in the JU Olympics! After a rousing and thoughtful Opening Ceremony (thoughtful dances, rousing choral works, and persuasive essays about the value of each event), we kicked off the official start to our Olympic events with a relay race at Markward Park. Yesterday morning we played a within-city-state round of Jeopardy to determine which team would play against other city-states on Tuesday.

Yesterday afternoon, we had our boat competition at the pool at Friends Select. Each city-state constructed a boat from cardboard and duct tape. Every boat floated for at least 10 minutes. Some of them would have floated for hours; however, we decided we’d award points to all boats still afloat after 20 minutes. In addition, some boaters were able to complete laps back and forth in the pool for extra points. We congratulate all the teams for a new event done well!

Today, after our last Family Circle gathering, we had our JU’s Got Humor event. Each city-state had 30 minutes to come up with something funny. Teachers judged (but could not judge their own team). The results were announced at the Daily Recap, where points and flair are awarded.

Next week, we’ll continue our Olympics with a scavenger hunt, final rounds of Jeopardy, catapult contests, and Schuylkill Center events! It will be a great way to keep ourselves motivated all the way to graduation.

Finally, as summer seems to be approaching quickly, there’s an exhibit opening in Washington D.C. in June that might appeal to many JU students. “The Greeks — Agamemnon to Alexander the Great” opens June 1 at the National Geographic Museum. The exhibit includes more than 550 Greek artifacts. This is its only East Coast stop. It runs through October 10. In conjunction with that, National Geographic is producing a three-hour series, “The Greeks,” which will air nationally on PBS, starting June 21, 2016 at 9 p.m. (check local listings). In addition, the Metropolitan Museum in New York currently has an exhibition from the Pergamon Museum in Berlin with many Greek treasures; it runs through July 17. If you can check out some Greek stuff in your summer travels, know that our students are quite knowledgeable and enthusiastic about Greek culture.

This is the last Friday Note of the year, as next Friday is a half-day, with graduation in the morning. It has been a joy teaching JU-C this year. We will miss the current fifth graders and are glad the fourth graders will be returning to us again next year (along with new fourth graders). We hope you have a wonderful summer ahead!

Laura and David