JU-C Weekly Note

Dear Families,

It was another busy week in JU-C. In addition to our usual work (spelling, math, writings-in-process), we had more unusual activities.

This week was the Hour of Code nationwide, and tech teacher Matt Murray joined us here in JU-C to show students some wonderful programs that teach coding. Students worked for over an hour, actually, excited, sometimes collaborating, sometimes intensely staring at the screen trying to problem-solve. (Justine stopped by during our Hour of Code and took some photos that she shared via Twitter.) We look forward to doing more coding!

We started a new read-aloud book this week, Rick Riordan’s The Lightning Thief, which connects wonderfully to our study of Greek mythology. While some students have already read the book, others have not, and for those students who have already read the book, it is proving exciting for them to see new connections to ancient Greece that they may not have been aware of before.

During Agora Time, students in JU-C and JU-D came together to discuss ways that working within the system and working outside the system were similar and different, and the pros and cons to each way of addressing an issue. They ended the class by thinking of something they’d like to see change at TPS and how they feel it could best be addressed.

In the afternoon, David took some elements of a song students wanted to write (genre: pop, topic: mystery/horror) and used GarageBand to build on a simple, minor-key melody. We look forward to creating this piece of music together and then performing it at some point!

We returned to HMS School on Thursday morning. Our students were so excited to see their partners again! Some of our students have been enthusiastic all along, while others have needed more time to adjust to working with a new population of students. Be sure to ask your child about his/her partner and what went well (and what were the challenges) on Thursday. After break, we’ll be going there every Thursday morning to begin work on the musical we’ll perform together in March.

Finally, this morning we had Encuentro, which featured some lively step-dancing, some funny improv group work, a percussion ensemble, and the Encuentro song, written by Spanish teacher Giovana. This afternoon we also visited the third grade’s Lenape village, which led students to recall their own Lenape research in third grade.

Hard to believe it’s a December weekend, given the temperatures, but whatever you decide to do, enjoy it!

Laura and David