JU-C Weekly Note

Dear Families,

What a week! We finished our HMS musical journey with our final performance on Wednesday evening. Our HMS partners were really active and vocal during this performance, which was a treat, and we also had the pleasure of meeting the families of our partners. Thanks to Lynn for overseeing costumes, handling questions, and purchasing flowers for Andrea and Mary. It was a wonderful experience at HMS, and we hope to return once or twice in the spring to stay connected to our new friends.

Here is a link to Channel 6’s brief coverage of the performance:


Our tech integrator, Matt Murray, has visited our class twice now to talk about being aware of what you do on computers (or smartphones). After break, students will finish creating a slide showing a plus and a minus of a particular application of social media.

We continued with things we’ve already worked on — reading Maniac Magee, reading and discussing Archimedes, reading and taking notes on Everyday Life in Ancient Greece. Fourth graders are beginning a math unit on place value, while fifth graders are starting a unit on geometry.

We have an exciting Archimedes event about buoyancy coming up in the spring -- if you have access to a pool during the school day, we’d love to hear from you.

While we were at school Wednesday afternoon before heading to HMS, we started watching (and finished yesterday) The Lightning Thief. The students were quite vocal in comparing the movie to the book, which we read earlier this winter. Ask your child how she/he liked the movie, especially in comparison with the book.

Your child should be bringing home today the final Community Service signup sheet for the year. Please return it to us by Tuesday, March 22.

Apparently winter is not finished yet, as they’re calling for 2-4 inches of snow on Sunday. Be careful out there and stay warm — it’s probably the last gasp of winter.

Laura and David