JU-C Weekly Note

Dear JU-C families,

It's been an incredible week!

We began the week with a trip to Awbury Arboretum, where the students continued both of their areas of study: gathering qualitative data, and studying invasive plants and their effect on the wetlands of the arboretum (specifically, the pond). Later in the day the children were given this writing prompt: "You have recently discovered that the incredible abilities and feats achieved in your favorite science fiction movie or fantasy novel are real! How will you use this new information? Who will you tell?"

We kicked Tuesday off with an enjoyable Morning Meeting. A mini-meditation session was followed by a group-share about "What are you thankful for?" Then, another 60 second sitting-session was followed by this group-share: "What would you like to change in the world? How will you do it?". We continued thinking about what it means to be part of a community by designing JU-C flags. Talk to your children about the JU-C flag process! The students also chose their November hero (a hero from Philadelphia). And we divided into our four book group formations to resume our study of The Hero's Journey.

Wednesday brought with it an exciting "Agora Time" with JU-D. Both classes elected two officials, who then left the room in order to decide what to do about an important issue that affects both classrooms. While the elected officials were deliberating, the rest of the students took a look at a particularly important year for American voters: 1965, the year President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Voter's Rights Act into law. Please talk to your children about Agora time! Later in the day, the JU-C students finished a three-week mythology-based group project, which challenged them to visually represent specific myths we've read this fall. The children's impressive creativity was showcased in the posters, storyboards, short stories and Magic Card-inspired "Myth-Cards" they produced!

On Thursday, we all went back to Awbury Arboretum to collect data and dig up samples of roots from invasive plants.

Today, we began with a Morning Meeting that focused on self-regulation and growth mindset. Ask your children about a time that they felt upset, and then managed to figure out ways to improve their mood. We then went to Encuentro and met in our Family Circle groups in the gym where The Philadelphia Dance Academy performed  excerpts from The Nutcracker (starring some of our very own students from Junior Unit!). Finally, Spanish teacher Giovana led us all in a new TPS Encuentro song.

This week in Math class, the 4th graders have been working with multiplication strategies, and reviewing their multiplication facts. In 5th grade, we discovered a new approach to an old skill; we learned a fun way to memorize our times tables! We also began writing division story problems, and working with our Base Ten materials to solve long division problems.

As a reminder, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. As usual, the entire Junior Unit will be making brownies for the annual feast. Please remember to have your child bring in a mixing bowl and wooden spoon or rubber spatula before November 20th. Remember to label these clearly so that we can return them to you. Thank you!

Enjoy the fall weather, and stay warm!

David and Laura