JU-C Weekly Note

Dear Families,

It was another busy week in JU-C.

HMS News: JU-C did an excellent job during the dress rehearsal! There are delays that are beyond their control, and our students did a pretty good job of continuing to connect with their partners during the delays. Many of those delays will be smoothed out by Thursday’s performance (that the rest of the JU is attending). A reminder: For the evening performance on March 16, we will provide students with a place to hang out after school and a snack (pending discussion with Sara, snack will probably be something like pretzels or crackers, though of course a student may bring something else to eat instead). We will then take a bus to HMS to arrive by 5:30 p.m. The permission slip sent home last Friday also asks you to indicate how your child will get home after the performance, which lasts about an hour. There is not a bus back to TPS, so please make sure you indicate how your child is leaving HMS around 7 p.m. Special thanks to parents, especially Lynn, for helping with costumes!

Our identity meetings so far have focused on biological sex and gender. We had two meetings in single-gender groups and one discussion in a mixed-gender group. Ask your child about what was discussed in the meetings so far.

The discussion topics this week were wide-ranging — in addition to discussing gender and stereotypes, we talked about what poverty looks like (after reading Matt de la Peña’s Newbery winner Last Stop on Market Street), as well as the definition of ignorance (and the difference between innocent ignorance and willful ignorance). We continued reading Maniac Magee and continued working in our Agora Time groups. Yesterday afternoon we also saw a funny and clever one-man mythology play. Ask your child about any of these things.

Our morning snow was probably the last gasp of winter. Flowers are popping out of the ground, trees are starting to bud, and we’re seeing many more animals out and about. Hard to believe that in a few weeks, it will be spring break!

Laura and David

P.S. Here is the link to a video we watched about poverty, based on a comment that someone in the picture book “didn’t look poor.” https://youtu.be/qjsrdcbbPBU