JU-D Weekly Note

Dear JU-D Families,

Quick Reminder: TPS is not celebrating Halloween as a school this year. Students should not come to school in costume on Monday.

Construction is gearing up in JU-D this week as plans for family shrines were finalized with measurements, material lists, and detailed labeling. Many students have begun measuring cardboard and cutting the panels that will be devoted to their ancestry. To make this work more significant, students explored the practice of ancestor worship in both ancient and modern China. They utilized a KWL (Know, Wonder, and Learn) system to guide them through the research process. Students prepped for readings by discussing what they already knew and then pulled out questions and new information from a series of texts. After being grounded in research, students were inspired and ready to incorporate traditional Chinese ideas about venerating ancestors into their own work. 

Along with construction and cultural research, JU-D embarked on a new section of scientific study at The Schuylkill Center. The compass connected to both our Chinese theme and our all-school theme of survival. In this next section of the scientific curriculum, students will look at the ways that animals and humans survive and interact within the energy cycle. We launched this new study with a simulation of the predator-prey relationship. Not only did students learn about the different types of organisms though this game (carnivore, herbivore, producer, and decomposer), but they also began to see the way energy flows through these systems. We finished the day off with an explanation of these different types of organisms and then placed different species into the “trophic pyramid.” We will continue this study of energy flow over the next few weeks. 

Finally, parent conferences are next week. We are looking forward to seeing you all and discussing your child's progress and goals for the year. If you have forgotten the time you reserved, be sure to check the Doodle. 

Nick and Noelle