JU-D Weekly Note

Dear JU-D Families,

JU-D was abuzz this week as construction of our teahouse and 3-D map began to ramp up. Walking by the classroom you might have heard sewing machines buzzing, keyboards clacking, and students snapping shut measuring tapes. After so much talking and planning, students were thrilled to finally begin getting their hands dirty as they carried out their ideas. 

Outside of construction, JU-Ders continued their work with reading comprehension and retention. This week students decided which study skill to use and were able to see the result of this choice on their understanding of the material. Along with this work, we experimented with dialogue in short stories and learned about exposition in writing. 

In our health curriculum students continue to delve into human reproductive anatomy. Our past two Bodies curriculum lessons have focused on male and female reproductive anatomy, including the journey of egg and sperm through one's own body and the way a baby develops from both cells. Understandably, this has raised questions for many students around how sperm and egg meet. Because we are not covering sexual intercourse in this curriculum, we have told students that these are great questions that they can discuss more with their families at home. Students may be coming home this week eager to discuss these questions with you.

There will be a pretzel sale sponsored by JU-B this Monday ($1.00 each, and an additional 25ยข for mustard).

Have a wonderful weekend.


Noelle and Nick