JU-D Weekly Note

Dear JU-D Families,

The days flew by this week in a flurry of construction. The teahouse is beginning to take shape, and we enjoyed a papier-mache lesson taught by Nick Dekker’s mother, art teacher Debby Pollak. We want to point out that we are skipping Friday Folders this week as a way to save time for the massive construction project we have undertaken. Over the weekend your children may try to access the website Adobe Spark, which is a presentation program. JU-D has a shared account that they can log into to create their presentation. The username is ndekker@tpschool.org and the password is JU-d2511.         

This week we reviewed some terms we use to describe our bodies, such as sex as anatomy. We also learned about the diversity of our bodies as we discussed how sex is a spectrum that includes male, intersex, and female bodies. You can ask your child to share with you what they learned about the development of babies and about what it is like to be intersex.                           

We are looking forward to seeing you next Thursday in JU-D for our celebration of the Chinese New Year. 


Noelle and Nick