JU-D Weekly Note

Dear Families,

After last week's action-packed week of building and showing off our efforts, JU-D spent this week returning to classroom routines and resetting the class for new rounds of learning. 

We began by taking a look at our progress around SSR and independent reading. Students worked to get a general sense of their pace by calculating their pages per minute during a reading session. They used this information to set goals on the completion of their independent reading book. Moving forward, students will work to track their progress in a shared spreadsheet.

We also jumped back into our work with Fast Plants. Students were broken into groups this week to study how temperature, light exposure, soil composition, and watering can affect the growth of fast plants. As we move forward, students will work to create experimental variables to test out on their plants. We will track seed production as a way of understanding how beneficial or harmful a given variable was. 

In our Bodies study, students began to unpack some of the specific changes that occur as humans move through the process of puberty. Students worked to understand and categorize some of the changes that occur in the body and the effects that these changes can have. 

All in all it was a refreshing week back, made special by an unexpected snow day.  Have a great weekend!

See you next week,

Nick and Noelle




Noelle and Nick