JU-D Weekly Note

Dear Families,

It seems as though spring has sprung (at least for the moment). With this change in weather, JU-D began to get their hands dirty, launched a new project, and continued to unpack the complexities of identity in our community meeting. 

It all began with the official start to our Fast Plants experimentation. Over the past couple of weeks, JU-D students have learned about the scientific process, the plant life cycle, and experimental variables. This week we put these ideas into practice as students began planting their Fast Plants. The goal is to use an experimental variable to produce the most seeds from one given plant. Students looked at space, soil, water, and light as individual variables, and decided to alter one of these pieces. Groups have decided to change water delivery systems, soil composition, and even levels of light exposure. Over the next few weeks we will observe growth of these plants and determine how beneficial or detrimental our variables were. 

Along with looking at the complex systems within Fast Plants, students continued to investigate human systems and the way they change and are viewed throughout puberty. This week we delved into the notion of assigned sex, gender, and attraction. Students worked to understand the ways these ideas are and are not connected, as well as how they all make up a significant part of human identity. 

Finally, JU-D spent part of the week analyzing religious demographics in order to see the nuanced ways that religion is practiced in modern China. JU-Ders learned how to analyze demographics and began a project in which they will analyze and unpack the complex religious traditions of a city in Asia. This project will allow students to see the complex relationship between faith and place, as well as the diverse and varied representations of religions across Asia. 

A quick note: Conferences will take place on March 23 and 24th. These conferences will be led by students. Doodle polls for sign-up will be available early next week; look for an email with the links. Feel free to reach out with questions or scheduling concerns. We are looking forward to talking with families! 


Noelle and Nick