JU-D Weekly Note

Dear JUD Families,

The big event this week was a visit from four Chinese musicians playing traditional Chinese instruments. They were truly talented musicians, and it was a joyful experience in which students sang, listened, and a few had the chance to try out some of the instruments. Peter Tang led this group, and he discussed the origin of the instruments.  In this description, there were comments that ran counter to our discussions about gender, which we discussed in the classroom the following day, which happened to be International Women’s Day. This work led to a number of provocative topics, including the “Masculinity Crisis” being covered in Chinese media, the One Child Policy, and foot binding. Ask your child to share the Jueju poem about being a man or being a woman.

Students also continued the writing process, turning their outlines for the Religious Places Paper into a rough draft. The standard for a rough draft includes editing that is a student’s best independent work. Three times now, students have used the process of note-taking, outlining, drafting from the outline, revising, and editing.  With practice, this process becomes simpler. Expect to see the way this process played out for your child at the student-led conference.

We continue to read The Tao of Pooh together, connecting the major principles of Taoism with the shenanigans of Winnie the Pooh and his friends. Students are enjoying it. This week, we discussed Inner Nature. Ask your child what Taoists believe about the Inner Nature of people and objects.

Our fast plants are also growing. Embedded in this work are various elements of scientific instruction. Students are learning about data collection, including finding the range, mean, median, and mode. They are growing more adept at observing closely, measuring precisely, sketching carefully, and framing questions. You’ll get the chance to see the way that their journaling has progressed. The classroom is abuzz with excitement over these tiny plants. 

As we near the time for student-led conferences, students are doing a fair bit of reflecting. They have had the chance to review critical feedback that their teachers described in reports.  This gives them a chance to consider what goals to prioritize and to reflect on growth since early in January. If you have not yet signed up for a conference, please visit our Doodles or email us so we can make sure every student has a date for which they are planning.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Nick & Noelle