JU-D Weekly Note

Dear Families,

This week we received feedback that the homework load has felt very heavy.It was not our intention to inundate JU-D students.  If you take a look at this week’s assignments, we can explain how they connect to the final weeks of the 2016-2017 school year.  We also want to let you know that to support these assignments, we have been providing students with workshop time (about 80 minutes) during the week. Our hope is that this frames what you observed this week and leaves you prepared for what’s to come between now and 8th grade graduation.

Students are preparing for the Silk Roads Simulation, an all-JU interactive game experience that takes place in the final week of the year. They are reading the book The Silk Road: 7,000 Miles of History. We assigned this reading last Wednesday and asked students to follow this schedule:

Thursday, April 20: Read pages 2-9
Monday, April 24: Read pages 10-17
Wednesday, April 26: Read pages 18-25
Friday, April 28: Read pages 26-32

For each assigned chunk, we asked students to capture three new pieces of information. We anticipated this would take about 30 minutes.

We look forward to the exciting simulation that will be the culmination of this project, and we will certainly keep an eye on student work to make sure everyone feels supported.

Nick and Noelle