JU-D Weekly Note

Dear JU-D Families,

This week JU students met often in cross-classroom groups. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, students met by City Group.  Students were assigned to eight cities that were located along trading routes -- we now refer to these routes collectively as the Silk Roads --  that connected China with other cultures. Students have been learning about their cities in order to prepare for the simulation.  They are building city centers, determining distances between cities, considering how the fates might impact them, and developing a character rooted in the culture of their assigned cities. Students were all sent home with a packet to support the writing of this culminating Character Sketch; the packet includes a graphic organizer, a scoring rubric that can help a student know when a piece is “good enough,” and a sheet to help students reveal who their character is rather than “telling.”

Our silkworms have managed to survive another week. Phew! Students were astonished at their growth. They also began noticing distinct characteristics of the silkworm body, saw evidence of molting, and learned what parts make up the digestive system of the silkworm. 

As we head into next week, a few reminders:  First and foremost, the ERB tests that students will take is truly practice. We hope you will support our efforts to encourage students to do their best without worrying them. They have been tested in many ways this year and will continue to be in the weeks and years ahead. Students are permitted to bring in mints during our testing window; we are aware that this is an exception to our no candy rule. If you want to explore more about this decision, feel free to check out this link with a brief explanation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lJkLIf-9977FZGxOuP1LI0J3zOB4nmtWoTt5DKxkaIs/edit?usp=sharing. Students will get some extra recess between test sessions, and they will be permitted to eat extra snacks, if they are so inclined, during times of free play.

Enjoy the warm weather this weekend, and perhaps we will see you at EATS! 


Noelle and Nick