JU-D Weekly Note

Dear Families,

It was a wet end to the week as JU-B/JU-D explored a collection of sources that connected "The Story of Stuff" to the ubiquitous iPad. Through a variety of videos, articles, and research challenges, students traced the journey of the iPad from extraction to disposal. This weekend they will complete a cumulative assessment that will analyze the connections students made between experiential learning in the field and explicit classroom instruction. 

Prior to this jam-packed Thursday, students forged their way through ERB testing and even managed to squeeze in a few meetings in their city groups. In these groups, students worked to build a city center, construct a playable character, and gather solid information on their city. While somewhat chaotic, these construction periods are filled with the excitement that students are sure to bring to our Silk Roads simulation. 

Here are few important dates to look forward to:

  • May 30, June 1 - Launch of Silk Road Simulation
  • June 1 - Chinese Feast
  • June 2 - Rainbow Day/Field Day
  • June 5 through June 7 - Silk Road Simulation at TPS
  • June 8 - Silk Road Simulation at The Schuylkill Center
  • June 9 - Graduation (11:30 a.m. dismissal)

Have a great weekend!

Noelle and Nick