JU-D Weekly Note

Dear JU-D Families,

The week and the school year are rapidly coming to a close! That’s right, a whole year has almost passed. As students look forward to the summer weather, we’ve been drafting allyship magazines, testing for industrial contamination, and forging ahead in our study of the Silk Route. 

Over the past few weeks, the Junior Unit has worked to complete a magazine about allyship. This magazine discusses many of the topics covered in our identity community meetings this year. This week marked the final round of meetings for creating the magazine. Over the next few weeks students will work on finalizing writing and visuals, and will begin to tackle formatting and publishing our zine. 

This week we continued to move around the city testing soil, water, and air for evidence of the effects of our industrialized, globalized world. This week we finally returned to The Schuylkill Center where we completed our last round of testing. Moving forward we will compare samples gathered at Valley Green, the Manayunk Towpath, the Schuylkill River by TPS, and The Schuylkill Center. We’ll be analyzing and looking for trends in our results to see if we can glimpse the ways in which Philadelphia has been affected by The Material Economy. 

Finally, students worked to create idea webs that encompass their learning about the Silk Route. This note taking format allows students to stretch their thinking, make connections, and generate questions. Over the next week we’ll be working to further strengthen JU-D understandings of the Silk Route and its effect on history. This knowledge will fuel our year-end simulation of the Silk Route, something teachers and students alike are looking forward to. 

A piece of JU-D information:

ERB testing is coming up in JU. May 22-25 will be testing days (the 25th is a makeup). Please talk to your kids about their feelings and remind them that this is practice for the future. On test days please be sure to send kids to school with plenty of food and make sure that they get to bed early!


Noelle and Nick