JU-D Weekly Note

Dear JU-D Families,

What a week! Once the shock of an empty classroom began to wear away, we were able to dig into the big question pressing on us: *How will we decide what to do in our room?* Quickly, questions of fairness arose, and we reached back to the Ancient Greeks to think about how they made decisions. Your discussions with your children around consensus, democracy, oligarchy, and tyranny were helpful as we closed out our week thinking about which model is the best one under which conditions. There will be more decision-making next week. Stay tuned for more news as our classroom grows into a space that is built around our purpose, our work, and our goals.

A few useful pieces of JU-D information:

~ Please check your child’s homework planner each night. This is a tool for helping your child stay on track, and it can also help you learn what is happening in class.

~ All students should wear sneakers on PE days. You can find the JUD schedule at this site: https://drive.google.com/drive/search?q=assessment

~ Back to school night is an important opportunity for parents and teachers to work together and address burning questions. We hope you’ve been able to set aside time on October 6th from 6:30-8:30.

The Schuylkill Center was a rainy success. We built marshmallow towers, trying to build the tallest of them all, then beat our own records the second time around. Embedded in this work was problem-solving, communication, and teaming. We continue to work intentionally o building a community that supports our work together.

Feel free to reach out to Nick [[email protected]] or Noelle [[email protected]] with any questions or thoughts. Enjoy the weekend!


Noelle & Nick