JU-D Weekly Note

Dear JU-D families,

The first full week of the TPS year was an absolute blast.

We invited architects Jane Ahn and Jane Lawson-Bell into our classroom to get students into a design mindset before beginning our work of practical classroom layout and design. We analyzed architectural drawings, audited other classrooms, found connections to early city planning in Ancient Greece, and began laying out ideas on blueprints for our own space.

In other news, this week marked the launch of our reading workshop and our word study of Greek roots. We also kicked off our first session of “Wednesdays in the Agora.” During this time, we grouped with JU-C and explored Plato’s allegory of “The Cave” in order to set up ideas about “truth” and a weekly time of discourse and healthy, productive debate.

Outside of our blank room, we split the Junior Unit into two and ventured out to the Schuylkill Center and Awbury Arboretum. There we engaged in scientific observations, and an invasive species scavenger hunt.

The year so far has been full of fun, but few moments of traditional education. We look forward to discussing classroom practices and will have an opportunity to delve deeper into questions at Back-to-School night on October 6.

A few useful pieces of JUD information:

  • Parents should remember that because the Pope will be in town next week, there will be no school from 9/24-9/28.
  • The purpose of asking parents to sign the homework planner for the week is to open dialogue between you and your child about his or her progress, to empower your child to keep you informed of school work, to give you the opportunity to observe homework completion, and to encourage your child to take the planner out and use it at home. We will continue this for one more week.
  • Community service forms are due Tuesday.


Noelle, Nick, & Theo