JU-D Weekly Note

Dear JU-D Families,

We are filled with gratitude for your strong show of support this morning.  Our students were so very proud of the work they shared today, and they deserved to be.  By clicking here, you can view all of the QR codes we had strung about the classroom.  We know many of you were only able to sample these.  Now you can feel free to listen to the entire collection of audio and images at your leisure.  

After you left, we discussed the progress students had made through planning and revising and persisting.  We hope you were able to see and feel the student investment and motivation that led to such high standards of work from every JUD student.  Through this process we watched leaders emerge, authentic problem-solving and conflict resolution occur, and joyful learning erupt.  We closed out our morning with a gratitude circle, where students let one another know that they were thankful for the help and encouragement they’d received along the way to our open house event.

Next week we’ll turn to simpler things… no more room designing, massive construction, or power tools for at least a few days!  You can expect to see a slight increase in homework as we continue our hero study and encounter more ancient Greece content focused on everyday life.

Again, thank you for your enthusiastic words and ongoing partnership.

Noelle, Nick, & Sherlly